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Individual Food Handler Permit ($15)

If you are the type of company interested in taking charge and getting your employees certified, this is the place for you. Our process is simple, easy, and the certificates are watermarked and verifiable by the health department. You or another employee from your company can be listed as the presenter, and you'll be provided with the food handler manual as well as a 20/$6 each or 100/$6 each deal on the completion certificates.

Doing it this way gives you full control over the process as well as a small profit, instead of having to wait for employees to complete it on their own time. The presenter can sit with the employees and walk them through the orientation and book, then sign off on the roster sheet and certificate. If you maintain your presenter status for 2+ years, you also qualify for a letter from Texas Trainings that certifies you as a presenter, which can come in handy as a future resume builder.

Food Certified License number 170